Psagot Equity

We make deals happen

Born as an arm of Psagot Investment House to set an international standard for trust services in the Israeli market, we are the union of expertise with state-of-the-art technology.

After being trusted for over 60 years to manage tens of billions of shekels for private clients and corporations, we built a technological, complex system to attend to your most specific needs.

We simplified the old, error-prone standards of excess paperwork and countless Excel spreadsheets—generating flawless deal execution. Meet our team of experts.

Who we are


Omer Yaniv

Founder and Co-CEO

Prior to founding Psagot Equity, Omer, an Adv. (CPA), held a partner position in the tax department of one of Israel's top law firms. He specializes in corporate finance and Israeli tax law and offers rich expertise in legal compliance, tax consulting, and financial planning.


Tsachi Iron

Founder and Co-CEO

Prior to founding Psagot Equity, as a CPA (MBA), Tsachi led the tax department in the position of a partner at one of Israel's leading accounting firms. Specializing in corporate taxation and forensic auditing, he brings a wealth of experience in tax consulting and financial accounting.


Thomer Barzilay

Founder and CTO

Thomer holds 15+ years in banking systems and digital applications, software engineering, cybersecurity, and data science. As a former CTO for a regulated Brazilian financial institution and a couple of startups, he's a banking tech and digital solutions expert.


Bentzi Levy

Head of Product

Bentzi has more than 20 years of experience in Employee Stock Option Plans, financial reporting services and investment Management. His expertise encompasses the development and design of financial systems, adeptly navigating complex regulatory environments.


Danna Sharvit

Head of Operations

With over 15 years of experience in equity, Danna has managed, consulted, and operated various incentive plans for privately held and publicly listed companies. Her expertise spans equity management, incentive plan consultancy, and operational strategy.


Inbar Lavy

Head of Legal

Inbar has over 15 years of experience in professional affairs departments in the trust services field, supervising the legal aspects of M&A deals, 102 trust requirements, and more. Her in-depth knowledge includes legal supervision, trust services, and corporate transactions.


Eli Haika

Tax Expert

Eli Haika, with 22 years at the Israeli Tax Authority, specializes in employee stock option tax solutions. He led the employee stock option department within the professional division as well as the mergers and acquisitions department and adeptly handled tax decisions for stockholders and companies.


Elad Benbaji


With over a decade of experience as the CEO of one of Israel's leading brokers and stock exchange members, Benbaji successfully led the company to expand into new areas, achieve substantial revenue growth, and establish a profitable presence in the brokerage industry.